Urgent Reminder: JobKeeper Enrolment Deadline of 30 April 2020 is looming

JobKeeper Enrolment Deadline for April 2020

As you have read in our article explaining the JobKeeper legislation, the JobKeeper scheme runs for twenty-six (26) weeks from the fortnight commencing on 30 March 2020. Employers must be enrolled before the end of each fortnight to qualify for and receive payment for that fortnight.

There is an exemption for the month of April 2020. Employers who want to claim their payments for April (for the first two fortnights being 30 March 2020 to 12 April 2020, and 13 April 2020 to 26 April 2020), must enrol by 30 April 2020.

Meet the Turnover Test to be JobKeeper Eligible

We summarised the turnover test in an earlier article. Further, the Australian Taxation Office has provided step by step guidance, available here.


Before you complete your enrolment for JobKeeper, you will need to (1) notify all of your eligible employees that you intend to enrol and (2) obtain their agreement to be nominated by you as your employee as part of the JobKeeper scheme. Download an employee nomination notice from the Australian Taxation Office website here.

Once you have obtained completed nomination notices from your employees, follow the steps here.

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Date posted: 2020-04-27