The Slow Spiralling Death of Retail - INSOL International 

The attached article is for your clients that trade in the retail industry; whether directly or indirectly (e.g. a client that is a landlord of a retail outlet tenant).

This article appeared in the third quarter 2018 INSOL World Magazine. At Gavin Parsons and Associates, we regularly assist our clients with a broad range of retail industry advice and related services. Because of our unique position within the insolvency industry we can pass on value to your clients, such as this article.

The article is thought provoking from both a legal and accounting point of view and is an enlightening summary of what INSOL International predicts and expects from the future direction of the international retail industry. It touches on the impact of digital innovation on the retail space and suggests that, contrary to what many media outlets have asserted, retail is not dead, or even dying, but is undergoing seismic change of enormous proportions and effects. 

The Australian retail market is specifically mentioned in that “further pain is expected to be experienced if interest rates rise as predicted”.

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Date posted: 2018-10-04