Unfair Contract Terms - Will Your Contracts be held to be VOID?

Unfair Contract Terms - Will Your Contracts be held to be VOID?...

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Accountants Seminar - 17th October 2018

1. Power Point Presentation2. Example of Contract C...

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Difficulty In Pursuing A Director For Insolvent Trading

“There can be no doubt that the obligations to be placed upon directors of companies are important and ought to be taken seriously…..It is a significant and burdensome obligation” Mansfield v Townend [2017] NSWDC 370 at [231]. In its r...

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The Slow Spiralling Death of Retail - INSOL International 

The attached article is for your clients that trade in the retail industry; whether directly or indirectly (e.g. a client that is a landlord of a retail outlet tenant). This article appeared in the third quarter 2018 INSOL World Magazine. At Gavin Parsons and Associates, we regularly assist our clients with a broad range of reta...

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Are Your Affairs In Order? The Importance of Specific Gifts in Wills and Communication with Beneficiaries - Case Study 4

In the Case Study below if the man had properly communicated with his son about what to expect on his passing it is more likely the stamp collection would have been saved. Gifting the stamp collection as a specific gift would have brought the asset to the son’s attention, but communication is the key underlying message in this Case Study....

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