Changes to the Law on Unfair Contract Terms will come into effect from 12 November 2016

Between 1 January 2011 and 31 December 2014 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ("ACCC") was contacted by 1,375 small businesses to complain about unfair contracts. From 12 November 2016 small businesses will benefit from changes to the current laws governing unfair contract terms as a result of the T...

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Dangerous appointments - why section 436A resolutions should not be passed in Kings Cross Hotels

In the matter of Condor Blanco Mines Ltd [2016] NSWSC 1196 (30 August 2016) ("Condor Blanco Mines") In the recent matter of Condor Blanco Mines, the New South Wales Supreme Court considered an application by Condor to declare void the appointment of its Administrator. The Judgment refers to some peculiar...

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Shorter Bankruptcies to Save the Economy? ARITA concedes that the Government’s proposed Insolvency Reform could leave the system open to rorting

Welcome to the Ideas Boom reads the tagline for the Commonwealth Government’s National Innovation & Science Agenda’s webpage. Under the heading Insolvency Law Reform the reasons behind the proposed changes to our personal and corporate insolvency legislation are explained (our emphasis): More often than not, ent...

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A New Resolution at the First meeting of Creditors under Administration

Hancock, in the matter of Tarleton & Peters Pty Limited (Administrator Appointed) [2015] FCA 1058 (24 September 2015) and Hancock, in the matter of Tarleton & Peters Pty Limited (Administrator Appointed) (No 2) [2015] FCA 1232 ("Tarleton") We have observed that many Administrators only call for ...

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Seminar at the Grace Hotel 2 November 2015

On 2 November 2015, our Managing Director and Geoffrey McDonald Barrister presented a seminar at the Grace Hotel to which much positive feedback was received. The topics discussed included: Business law - Purchase and Sale of Business The legal pitfalls of purchasing a business The...

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