Insolvency Law Reforms – Draft Legislation

The Federal Government has now released exposure draft legislation relating to its third tranche of insolvency law reforms; exposure draft legislation includes reforms concerning:...

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Ipso Facto Clauses and Creditors Rights Under Contracts New Laws Commence 1 July 2018

BackgroundIt is common for commercial contracts to contain “i...

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Date posted: 2018-05-24 | Comments(0)

Time Limits: The Bankruptcy Act

When is a time limit under the Bankruptcy Act, not a limit? When can the Court use the power under s33 to extend time periods set under the Act? There have been instances where the power under s33 was used and some occasions when the power was refused. In a ...

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Date posted: 2018-03-15 | Comments(0)

New Privacy Laws - Comply Now or Pay the Penalty

New mandatory data breach notification laws  As of 22 February 2018, all organisations with existing personal information security obligations under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) ("Privacy Act") will be required to comply with the new Notifiable Data Breach Scheme ("NDB Scheme"). This includes all business...

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Validly appointed? Valid security interests? Timely reminder to always check the fine details

A recent decision by the Federal Court of Australia, Knauf Plasterboard Pty Ltd v Plasterboard West Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) (Receivers and Managers Appointed) [2017] FCA 866 ("Knauf v Plasterboard West") comes as a timely reminder to liquidators and receivers/managers of potential issues that may arise regarding: ...

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