Directors and advisers can be sued for a company’s wrongdoing - Fair Work and third-party liability

In a first of its kind, the Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced proceedings against an accounting firm for their involvement in contraventions of workplace laws committed by their client (Fair Work Ombudsman v Blue Impression Pty Ltd & Ors MLG2721/2015) ("Blue Impression"). Blue Impression is a...

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Freedom of Tweet

Rights of Employees and Employers regarding Social Media Use The line between our private and public life has blurred once again. Recent decisions of the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia have re-enforced the idea that there is not an 'unfettered freedom of political expression in Australian law' regard...

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R.I.P. WorkCover NSW

Health and safety in the workplace has a new regulator – SafeWork NSW As we say goodbye to winter for another year, we also bid farewell to WorkCover NSW ("WorkCover") and the Motor Accidents Authority ("MAA"), which have been replaced under the Insurance and Regulation Reform Package 2015. The package is designed to simplify the old s...

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Video Killed the Really Old Law

For the first time EVER the New South Wales Supreme Court has allowed a codicil recorded by video to be admitted into probate. But don't reach for the camcorder just yet! Whilst this case indicates the law's refreshing progress into the modern world it also emphasises the prudent course of testamentary wishes being recorded in a good old f...

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Introduction to unfair dismissal What is an 'unfair dismissal'? Unfair dismissal is defined under s 386 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) ("the Act"). Section 386 provides: A person has been unfairly dismissed if the Fair Work Commission is satisfied that: the person has been dismissed; and ...

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