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Date posted: 2015-09-03 | Comments(0)

Immediate Deductibility for Professional Expenses

Small businesses were some of the biggest winners in the 2015-2016 Federal Budget, with the Federal Government announcing a: "$5.5 Billion Jobs and Small Business package". The package provides support to small businesses by delivering a number of targeted measures and tax benefits. (see ...

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Date posted: 2015-07-06 | Comments(0)

Describing your collateral under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (“PPSA”) - what is required?

Nearly every person who has completed a registration on the Personal Property Securities Register will tell you that they were not 100% sure of what box to tick or how to describe the property (collateral) over which they are registering their interest. Not only is the process confusing and the online guidance limited, but the consequences of incorr...

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Date posted: 2015-06-22 | Comments(0)

Legal Update: Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Scott [2015] QDC99

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide accountants and advisors with up-to-date information which assists in your business, we wish to bring to your attention a recent decision, handed down earlier this month, which has not been published in the public domain. We are on a unique mailing list which provides us with decisions which relate to tax ...

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Date posted: 2015-05-19 | Comments(0)

PPSA Practical Solutions

How to register your client’s security interest when it was granted by a corporate trustee A registration on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is not intended to provide comprehensive details regarding the terms of the security in...

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Date posted: 2015-04-09 | Comments(0)

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