Coming soon – Director Identification Numbers And Their Major Flaw

In late June 2020, the Commonwealth Government passed the Treasury Law Amendment (Registries Modernisation and Other Measures) Bill 2019 (Cth) (“Bill”). Amongst other things, this Bill introduces a legal framework to introduce unique Director Identification Numbers (“DIN”) for each appointed director of a...

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Is Your Business ACL Compliant?

Court orders record $26.5M penalty for breach of Australian Consumer LawIntroductionOn 20 September 2019, the Federal...

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Survey Results on the use of Safe Harbour Legislation; and The New COVID-19 Safe Harbour laws

Safe Harbour Legislation Survey ResultsDuring 2019 Gavin Parsons and Associates (GPA...

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Managing your Estate Planning and Legal Affairs during COVID-19 New Electronic Witnessing Laws

As mentioned in our recent article “Making a Will and Estate Planning during the COVID-19 lockdown”, the NSW Government was planning to introduce measures allowing documents to be witnessed without requiring face-to-face contact with a solicitor during the COVID-19 pande...

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JobKeeper Payment Update: Alternatives to the turnover test

Clear, simple, easy to apply rules are great, lawyers love them, but we are always on the lookout for cases where a clear and simple rule that works well usually, works poorly in unusual situations. That was the case with the turnover test for eligibility for the JobKeeper Payment....

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