Describing your collateral under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (“PPSA”) - what is required?

Nearly every person who has completed a registration on the Personal Property Securities Register will tell you that they were not 100% sure of what box to tick or how to describe the property (collateral) over which they are registering their interest. Not only is the process confusing and the online guidance limited, but the consequences of incorr...

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Employment Awards under review - How will you be effected?

There are currently 123 Modern Awards in Australia. Awards are categorised according to specific industry and/or job type and apply to employees who are not covered by an enterprise agreement or other registered agreement. Simply put, Awards set out the minimum wage and employment conditions for a vast number of Australian employees. All Mo...

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Restraints of Trade: Are you properly protecting your business?

In many cases, employers who wish to save costs use template employment contracts that are often out of date and/or are not tailored to the particular employee. This results in a significant percentage of restraint of trade provisions in employment contracts being void and unenforceable.Unfortunately, these efforts to sa...

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Think Before You Post

The serious consequences of your social media use Several recent cases have provided stark reminders that if people choose to post defamatory comments or engage in bullying on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, then the courts will, in appropriate cases, award damages against them. Further, the award of compensat...

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